Listeners who can benefit from our service need to be registered blind, be partially-sighted or be unable to read size N12 typeface. This typeface is similar to that used by the majority of newspapers. 

WTN supply an mp3 player, free of charge, to all our listeners. The player can be operated by using the mains or batteries and it is very simple to use with large, easily-accessible buttons. A WTN volunteer will deliver and demonstrate the player to newly registered listeners. The sound quality is excellent and the buttons enable the listener to move forwards and backwards through the items of news so they can select what they listen to, even replaying a news item they might want to listen to again.

When each weekly edition has been copied to the required number of memory sticks, they are posted off to our listeners in special postal wallets. When the listener has finished listening to the news, they return the memory stick to the postal wallet which they post back to WTN, at no charge, using the Royal Mail "Articles for the Blind" concession.

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